GETCA 2023 - March 2-3, 2023

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Substitute Teachers

GETCA's 2022 program is found on the Sched website. Please use your district's email to register on Sched.

Find the GETCA Conference Schedule here:

Please register on the Sched site using your school email address. We will be confirming attendees via their email addresses. All updates and last minute notices will be delivered via the Sched email out system.

All pre-recorded sessions will be available throughout the conference and for 3 weeks following. Please take note that there is a password for all the pre-recorded sessions. The Sched site has more information about this.

Most of the live sessions (barring sensitive subject sessions and ATA sessions) will be recorded and 24 hours following the session, the link for the live session will be replaced by the recording directly on the Sched site.

Live sessions have capacity limits and adding a session to your schedule does NOT guarentee your entrance into the session. Please note that the sessions are being recorded and you will still have access 24 hours later.