Greater Edmonton Teachers' Convention Association

GETCA 2021

Feb. 25-26, 2021 |Edmonton, AB

Some important information for this year specifically: The online program is available at the Sched link below. Formal registration on is no longer required for teacher delegates. There is no need to register with your ATA membership card this year. The Sched site has all of the access points for each of the virtual sessions available this year. The email you use to log into Sched can be any email, but using your school email is recommended. All pre-recoded sessions begin at the same time, but they can be watched 'on demand' at any time throughout convention. Multiple sessions can be 'added to your schedule' at the same time this year because of the pre-recorded availability.

For Substitute Teachers

GETCA's program is complete and available on the Sched site. The 2021 GETCA convention will be a virtual convention with all our sessions available in an online format.

Log into Sched and you will be able to view all the sessions and create your own convention schedule. Remember, only the live sessions are in specific time slots, all the pre-recorded sessions are available 'on-demand' style throughout the convention and until March 12, 2021.