Greater Edmonton Teachers' Convention Association

GETCA 2022

March 3-4, 2022 |Edmonton Alberta

Speaker FAQ

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Due to COVID 19 restrictions, many of these questions are not relevant for the 2021 convention. The 2021 GETCA convention will be a virtual convention with all our speaker sessions available in an online format.

How do I apply to be a speaker?
Go to our registration section under For Speakers.

What identification do I need to bring to claim my payment?

You can email and confirm your Social Insurance Number with our Treasurer and arrange for payment.  

Agencies can present their GST number to the Treasurer at the same above location or by e-mailing

Is travel included?

When you apply to speak, all your expenses need to be included in the fee. Travel and accommodation expenses are covered depending on the area travelled from and the number of sessions put on. 

I registered as a speaker, but it won't let me put a session in?

Go back to your registration and make sure that you haven't missed any registration pieces. 

Cookies get in the way of submissions as well.  Clear your caches and try again.