Delegates - Attendance Policy


1. Convention Attendance

1.1 Requests from members of the Greater Edmonton Teachers' Convention to be absent from the annual convention to attend an alternate professional development activity shall meet all three of the following criteria:

  • the activity cannot be attended at another time
  • the activity is related to the teacher's current teaching assignment and/or professional growth plan
  • is a legitimate professional development activity

1.2 Requests from coaches to be absent shall be granted if their team is participating in an Alberta Athletic Provincial Final.

1.3 Members who are ill or absent through provision of their collective agreement shall follow established practices in their school division in reporting an absence or receiving permission for a leave.

1.4 Alternate leave during convention will be granted no more than once every two years.

1.5 Members making a request for leave shall be notified of the decision of the Attendance and Alternate Leave Committee in writing. Those teachers whose requests have been denied may appeal to the Executive of the Greater Edmonton Teachers' Convention Association.

1.6 Requests to be absent shall be made in writing to the Chair of the GETCA Attendance and Alternate Leave Committee.

1.7 The superintendent and respective ATA local shall be given the names of those teachers who have been granted permission to be absent from the Greater Edmonton Teachers’ Convention.

1.8 The Chair of the GETCA Attendance and Alternate Leave Committee shall receive written requests to investigate cases of nonattendance.

ATA Convention Attendance Guidelines and Flowchart

As copied from the ATA Handbook for Convention Associations

Delegates -

Alternate Professional Development Approval

Alternate Professional Development Activities

  • Teachers may request permission to attend alternate professional development activities. Requests must be submitted, in writing, to the appropriate Convention Attendance Committee. Such requests must be made at least six weeks prior to the convention. Teachers failing to request permission from their Convention Attendance Committee may be subject to investigation and sanctions under the Code of Professional Conduct.
  • For approval of requests by a teacher to be absent from convention responsibilities, the following minimum criteria must be met:
    • an organized professional development activity that exceeds those provided at convention
    • an extraordinary professional development opportunity that could not be accessed by the teacher at another time
    • a relevant professional development session not included in the convention program that will enhance professional practice.
  • The Convention Attendance Committee has the authority to grant permission for a teacher to be absent from convention. The Convention Attendance Committee will advise the teacher of its decision in writing. Teachers may appeal a decision of the committee to the Convention Board to render a final decision.
  • An example of an appropriate request would include a one-time attendance at a national or international conference which addresses the emergent professional needs of the teacher.
  • Although worthy enterprises, school trips such as ski trips, field trips, voluntary participation in other activities (eg, coaching) and school board-facilitated activities (eg, job fairs) do not qualify as professional development activities. Any member in an educational context counseling and directing a colleague to be absent from convention is liable to sanctions under the Code of Professional Conduct.


Requests by a Teacher to the Employer

Medical, bereavement, personal and other leave entitlements fall under the collective agreement and should be handled in the usual employer/employee relationship.


Alberta Schools’ Athletic Association (ASAA)

The Alberta Teachers’ Association is providing the Alberta Schools’ Athletic Association (ASAA) with a Letter of Accommodation regarding the release of teacher coaches from their convention attendance obligations. Such releases apply only to teacher coaches from the Northeast Teachers’ Convention Association (NETCA) involved with teams reaching the rural wrestling finals and teacher coaches from the Greater Edmonton Teachers’ Convention Association (GETCA) involved with teams reaching the provincial wrestling finals.


Procedure for Requesting to be Absent From the Greater Edmonton Teachers’ Convention

You need Adobe PDF Reader to view and print the ALTERNATE PD APPLICATION FORM (linked here).

If you meet the following policy criteria, you may request to be absent from the Greater Edmonton Teachers’ Convention by printing, filling in and emailing this pdf form ATTENDANCE.pdf (this will open using a pdf reader) to: Past President, Chair of the GETCA Convention Attendance Committee.

Deadline for submission of this form is January 21st, 2019.

If you have a question about this form please email Past President using this link.

If you wish to fill the form in using your computer you can download the ATTENDANCE.rtf form (this will open in any word processor), type in your information and email with with the attachment to the above locations.


Dear Prospective Delegates:

We would be pleased to consider your application to attend the Greater Edmonton Teachers’ Convention in 2019. This is a closed convention so all Out of District delegates must be members of the Greater Edmonton Teachers' Association or associate members of the Alberta Teachers' Association.

Click on the link below to register.  Please ensure that all of the fields on the application form are completed accurately and fully. Failing to do so may delay the application process.

The fee to attend GETCA for Out of District Applicants is $250. Please log in to pay the fee after you have created your account.

Check in at the Treasurer’s Booth during GETCA to pick up your Out of District Guest badge. Thank you for your interest in attending this high quality professional development event.

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