Darrin Park (Agency)

speakerImage Biography: Darrin was diagnosed at the age of 44 with an extremely rare brain tumour in 2011. As a teacher with Edmonton Public Schools, he was always involved with Terry Fox Runs at his schools. Now Terry Fox has become even more near and dear to his heart. He really wants to keep Terry's legacy alive. He believes that Terry was a true Canadian hero and that together we can make a difference. Darrin can no longer work but he makes a difference in people's lives by going to schools, services clubs, conferences and other corporate events not just in our city but across the country sharing Terry's legacy. He is the Run Organizer of Edmonton's Terry Fox Run. He is extremely passionate and loves talking about Terry! Because of his involvement with the foundation he has had the honour of becoming friends with the Fox family. These are Relationships he has come to cherish! He is not a runner, but can be seen running on run day.