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The GETCA 2019 conference information will soon be available on your Apple mobile device. This App can be downloaded through the app store onto your iOS device by either clicking this (Link) or by searching within the Apple App store using the following keyword phrase (GETCA).

Use this app to find sessions that you wish to attend during convention. You can add many sessions to your favourites so you have a variety to choose from during convention. You may also send feedback on any of the session that you attend. If you include your name, you will be entered in a draw for a chapters gift card or two tickets to Mayfield dinner theatre.


The GETCA 2019 conference App features the following capabilities:

  1. Retrieve this year's conference keynote speaker profile and topic
  2. View Sessions available
    1. View times for which each individual session is available
  3. View Subjects available that in turn links to session track information
  4. Submit feedback to the speaker and GETCA regarding individual speakers and sessions
    1. Q1. Quality of Speaker Content
      Q2. Quality of Presentation
      Q3. Application to your Teaching Assignment
      Q4. Potential Impact on your Professional Practice
      Q5. Overall Rating

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    (Q.) Do I have to attend convention?
    (A.) All certified teachers employed in Alberta's public school boards have a legal and professional obligation to attend their designated teachers' convention each year. These two convention days are paid days of work. Being absent from convention can result in unprofessional conduct consequences including lost wages, fines, termination and removal of certification. If there is a unique professional development opportunity at the same time as convention, a teacher must apply for Alternate PD. The application will be looked at and permission will be granted or denied. The form can be found on the website under Alternate PD at

    (Q.) Who can come to convention?
    (A.) All certified teachers employed by Edmonton Public. Edmonton Catholic, Fort McMurray public and Fort McMurray Catholic schools.
    (A.) Student teachers for the University of Alberta who are in their final practicum during convention can attend. Convention ID's are given out at the student union office at the U of A.
    (A.) Substitute teachers can attend. Convention ID's can be picked up at the ATA local office in Barnett house, substitute teachers meeting or at the info desk at convention. An ATA membership card, school board ID or proof of employment are required.
    (A.) Teachers on leave if they are on maternity leave, unpaid leave or professional improvement leaves can attend if they have paid their local union dues for the year. Convention ID's can be picked up at the ATA local office in Barnett house or at the info desk at convention. An ATA membership card, school board ID or proof of employment are required.
    (A.) A teacher on Medical Leave is not able to attend convention because, contractually, convention days are paid days of work. If a teacher on medical leave attends convention they would be expected to return to work the next school day after convention.
    (A.) Teachers who are not employed by Alberta schools can attend if they meet all requirements for Out of District registration. There is a fee involved. Go to and click on Out of District Registration for more details.

    (Q.) Can I bring my child to convention?
    (A.) No. Convention is a paid work day. Arrangements for child care during convention are the same as during a day of school. Teachers who bring children to convention will be asked to leave and will be contacted by a provincial ATA staff officer.

    (Q.) How is convention funded?
    (A.) Each year GETCA receives funding from convention fees paid by members of the ATA locals for Edmonton and Fort McMurray, as well as registrations and exhibitors. A big part of the fees are spent on speakers and speaker expenses including travel, accommodation and substitute release costs. Another large amount goes to paying for the facilities, rentals, audio-visual costs and printing. Other costs include website maintenance, app development, professional accounting and legal services, meeting costs and committee member expenses.

    (Q.) Is there free Wifi at the Shaw and Westin?
    (A.) It is not free but we do have a certain number wireless connections available. Teachers are welcome to connect at the Shaw without a code and a code will be provided at the Westin info booth should you need it.

    (Q.) Why is there only an iPhone app?
    (A.) This is our first year trying an app for convention. We are starting with the iPhone and will possibly add an android and/or blackberry app next year, depending on feedback.

    (Q.) Why are sessions I want always full?
    (A.) Unfortunately, we cannot always predict the number of people that will find one session more interesting than another. We do our best with the information we have and the room sizes that are available. We ask that you have three options available for each time slot so that you have a plan when your first choice fills up.